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Participating in challenging architectural projects allows us to be innovative.
The prefabrication of glass brick panels allows the creation of custom-made walls, floors and ceilings and also allows to be applied in facades, partitions or others.
All these applications combined with the versatility of the materials offer a very broad potential for creativity, as it can be seen in some of the works carried out, presented below.
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Courchevel Construction - France

Interior design with solid glass brick

Hotel Police Construction - France

Glass brick masonry facades, at the Hotel Police project in France


Glass brick panels for building façade

Balcony dividers with glass bricks

Balcony dividers with glass bricks

Chartres Construction - Oncology Hospital

Walls of glass bricks with silicone gaskets, inside the hospital of Chartres - France


Maison avec cloisons en briques de verre avec joints silicone