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Participating in challenging architectural projects allows us to be innovative.
The prefabrication of glass brick panels allows the creation of custom-made walls, floors and ceilings and also allows to be applied in facades, partitions or others.
All these applications combined with the versatility of the materials offer a very broad potential for creativity, as it can be seen in some of the works carried out, presented below.
Watch our works on our Youtube channel.

Fishmonger Construction

Panels with round glass bricks

Braga Construction

Pharmacy facade covered with precast panels with green glass bricks

Nice Construction

Building with curved walls with glass bricks and with glass brick panels of various shapes

Falaise Construction

Masonry with glass bricks at Falaise - France

La Baulle Construction

Glass brick walls for building stairwells

Nanterre Construction

Glass brick walls for building in Nanterre - France

Puteaux Construction

Wall of a building made of glass bricks panels, in Puteaux - France

Championnet Construction - Paris

Curved façade with glass bricks, in a building in Paris

Romainville Construction

Wall with glass bricks - building in Romainville, France

Rouen Costruction

Prefabricated concrete panels with glass bricks for building in Rouen, France